Can any graphics card with only dvi and HDMI port be converted to vga using an adaptor or something like that?

I bought a Gigabyte Geforce GT 710 2GB DDR5 (GV-N710D5-2GL) graphic card yesterday, unfortunately I didn't think about my monitor and bought a graphic card with only dvi and HDMI ports,so can any of these ports be converted to vga using any other extension cables or adaptors?
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  1. If the card produces a DVI-A signal, yes. Get a DVI=>VGA adapter and try it...
  2. Thank you ,but how to know if the card produce a DVI-A signal or not??
  3. I *believe* it's if it the output DVI connector on the card has the 4-pins around the blade on the connector. If I am not mistaken, It's what this page describes for DVI-I.

    HOWEVER, I would really prefer if someone far more knowledgeable than I could confirm this.
  4. Any port can be converted with an active adapter.
  5. I think your pun intended cartoon doesn't clarify my doubt at all; bruv
  6. What didn't you like about @k1114's answer? He's correct. @oneplanet4all said you could only do it if the card has an analog DVI output, when in reality you can use a DVI to VGA adaptor regardless of whether the card outputs digital or analog. It would just need to be an active adaptor (vs passive adaptor) if the card outputs digital.

    I think you can tell whether the output is digital or analog by looking at the connector pinout, and comparing to the pinouts here:
    If the connector is DVI-I or DVI-A, you can use a passive adaptor. If it's DVI-D, you need an active adaptor.

    You can also get active HDMI to VGA adaptors.
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    We aren't here to give misinformation, mess with you, or waste your money. This forum is for helping and anyone who does the previous will be swiftly banned. Us mods especially are going to be held up to a higher standard so if we aren't credible, nothing on the internet can be believed.

    Hdmi, dp, dvi, dms59, any other port I missed, can all be converted to vga when an active adapter is used. It's what they are for. Dvi-a isn't used on gpus and is very rare on other devices. It gets mentioned a lot but is never relevant because of its nearly non existence. Your gpu does have dvi-i so a passive adapter can be used. This will be cheaper, easier to use and find.
  8. Thank u all
  9. Yes, with an "active" adapter you can convert pretty much anything. DVI-A is found on most on-board and budget card systems. We use a lot of passive adapters in the office to get picture on our ancient screens.. But on "real" graphics cards, I'm not sure they'd bother with this sort of backward compatible thing, most likely they assume you use a digital interface for your monitor. An active adapter is basically a little computer that reads the digital output, assembles it into a digital VGA format and puts it through and D/A converter to create an analog signal... If you don't have DVI-A from your card, I'd suggest upgrading your monitor rather than investing in an active adapter.... (just silly converting from space age to stone age... My opinion anyway...)
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