Need help choosing a mechanical keyboard.

Hello everyone, Below are the keyboards I have compiled that I need help to rank(1-8). Please rank the keyboards from best to worst and give a brief explanation why. This will significantly help me decide which keyboard I want. I am not subjective to anyone of the keyboard so as of right know I don't have any specific preferences. The more objective the ranking is the better it is for me. I know some of the keyboards are the same just with different key counts, I added this so that I will know what benefit there are from that specific layout. Also when ranking I am looking for the most value for the money rather than which is the straight up the best. Thx in advance.

E-Element Z-88- $50, 81 keys, RGB, brown switches (does not state which brand), warranty 1 year, waterproof, anti-ghosting

K552KUMARA by Redragon 87 Key LED RGB Backlit Mechanical- $43, Otemu blue switch, it says contact seller for warranty

VAVA Mechanical Keyboard With Blue Switches (Kailh)- 104 key RGB, Anti-ghosting, wrist rest, it says contact seller to find out warranty

Ajazz Firstblood Geek RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Blue Switches or black switches(specially modified), 82 keys- $50, you have to contact seller for warranty

ACGAM RGB Mechanical Keyboard- 104 keys, outemu blue switch, $53, fully programmable keys, anti-ghosting, contact seller for warranty

Mechanical Keyboard K551 VARA by Redragon 104 Key RGB LED Backlit- $48, abs construction, anti ghosting, otemu blue switch, contact seller for warranty

E-Element Z-77 RGB Mechanical Keyboard- $60, wrist rest, 104 anti-ghosting keys Gaote/Outemu Cross Shape Blue Switches Custom mechanical switches , swappable switches, contact seller for warranty

Red Dragon K556 RGB mechanical keyboard with 104 key, Redragon Mechanical Switches with 60±15g actuation force, $58, removable keycaps, contact seller for warranty. waterproof IP67, anti-ghosting.

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard- $35 , 87 keys, otemu blue switch raninbow backlight, 2 years warranty
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