Possible upgrades for whole setup (need help)

Recently built my pc over the summer and the performance is good but not in pubg i get 50 to 70 on lowest with high textures. I really want to get my setting to high or medium.
Pc specs:
Intel Pentium g4560
8gb ddr4 2133
gtx 1050 ti
Rest of set up:
2 benq gl2460
astro a40 headset and mixamp
blue snowball
logitech gpro mouse and keyboard
Monitors are kinda expensive for me to buy right now but pc upgrades i can afford.
Let me know any suggestions for my upgrades!
Thanks in advance
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    Just pop an i5/i7 kaby lake in, and a 1070, nvidias recommended specs for pubg have been released recently, and it's a bit higher than you might think.
  2. Was that 8GB RAM a single stick? If so, you only have 1/2 the available memory bandwidth for your CPU.
  3. i have a single stick of ram im getting 16gb from my friend soon
  4. Just in case you can't find it.,news-57538.html

    you might want to wait for it to be out of beta, there may be optimisations that they are waiting for the big release date before they patch.

    Although the words don't make a lot of sense to me in the first section, seems to suggest the 1080ti is slower than the 1060.
  5. would a i5 7500 with a gtx 1050 ti be good?
  6. you need to look at your cpu and gpu usage and see where the constraint is.
  7. the g4560 is a dual core with hyper threading so im sure that is the issue
  8. Pubg is a unoptimized mess, you need a I5 or equivalent and a 1060 3gb to really consider stable frame rates.
  9. the upgrade will happen after pubg becomes a full game
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