Can I boot from an SSD despite my pre-existing HDD already having windows installed on it?

In a couple days, I am going to have my new 120GB SSD delivered. I currently have a 1TB HDD in my PC right now, and I wanted the SSD so I could run windows on it for improved performance. The problem is, I wanted to know if I could install windows on the SSD using my windows 10 ISO and boot from it without having to erase or alter and data on my existing HDD. I mainly want to move windows and all of my clients to the SSD, but I don't know if having an SSD with windows on it and an HDD with windows on it will cause any unwanted interactions. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
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    No issue at all, but I would freshly install Windows on the SSD, with the HDD removed. And then reconnect the HDD.
  2. Yes I agree, don't have the HDD connected when install Windows on the SSD.

    You can re-connect the HDD afterwards.
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