I'm looking to upgrade my motherboard but is it worth it with my current build?

Hey everyone I currently have the ASUS PRIME B250M Micro ATX motherboard. I was wondering would it be worth it to upgrade the motherboard?
Need more info just let me know! Thank you!

My full build is as follows:

CPU - Intel I7-7700K
Motherboard - ASUS PRIME B250M Micro ATX
Memory (RAM) - GSKILL Trident Z RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4
GPU - MSI GTX 1080ti
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    Whither or not you should upgrade depends on what you want to do. If you want to overclock your 7700K, then yes, you should get a Z270 motherboard. The B250 chipset does not allow you to overclock. If you want to add peripherals then yes, a Z270 has 24 PCIe lanes vs 12 PCIe lanes in your B250 motherboard. Otherwise a new motherboard will not make your RAM or GPU run any faster.
  2. I'd say it was worth it, you can squeeze out more power from the CPU and have more flexibility on things like M.2 upgrades etc.

    especially because you can offset the cost by selling the current motherboard.
  3. I'm not really into overclocking but does overclocking make a huge difference in performance?
  4. The K series were basically designed for it, it can be beneficial in some games, a few apps, but if you don't want to , no issue.
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