Is Intel core i3 7100T i.e. Power Optimized Lifestyle version of i3 7100 good enough?

I am buying a new tower pc from HP. But in my place HP desktop tower computer only have i3 7100T whereas I wanted normal i3 7100. I know the Power Optimized Lifestyle version is low on power. I only do light computing (MS office, internet surfing etc.).
Will 7100T be enough for me? Is it very different from normal 7100? Does anybody have it? Can I buy i3 7100T? Please help ASAP.
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    The i3 7100T isn't the greatest desktop CPU, but for light computing it will work for you. The only difference between it and the regular 7100 is the 7100T has a lower clock which means it runs cooler and uses less power. You lose about 0.5GHz over-wise everything else is the same. If the 7100T is all that you can choose it is sufficient.

    On Passmark the 7100T is about 12% less powerful.
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