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So I have no idea what to do to fix this bs. My cpu only runs at 20-30% in games, and I also tried passmark. In passmark my cpu should get around a 7000 score, I get 1500, during passmark the cpu still only runs at 30%. I just did a factory windows reset as well and the same problem occurs.

Motherboard B85M-G R2.0
CPU i5-4590
EVGA 600 B1
GTX 970
16gb ram
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  1. Download the Intel CPU Diagnostic tool and see if anything comes back.
  2. Did you try installing fresh window?
  3. Jwpanz said:
    Download the Intel CPU Diagnostic tool and see if anything comes back.

    I already tried doing this before and it said it failed because of the temperature monitor. I unchecked testing temps and it ran just fine after that, so that seems to be the problem>?

    --- IPDT64 - Revision:
    --- IPDT64 - Start Time: 1/4/2018 6:10:00 PM

    -- Testing
    CPU 1 - Genuine Intel - Pass.
    CPU 1 - BrandString - Pass.
    CPU 1 - Cache - Pass.
    CPU 1 - MMXSSE - Pass.
    CPU 1 - IMC - Pass.

    Temperature Monitor Stopped

    Temperature Monitor Failed
    IPDT64 Failed
    --- IPDT64 - Revision:
    --- IPDT64 - End Time: 1/4/2018 6:10:18 PM

  4. Bob125484 said:
    Did you try installing fresh window?

    No I thought that just resetting and erasing all data would be fine
  5. Anyway currently im updating bios, current version 2201, newest version is 3600
  6. So the problem still occurs even after the bios update, could it be hardware related? Like the psu? I figured it wasn’t since the system boots up fine.

    Something also came to mind, if the problem is the temps would not cleaning and reapplying thermal paste cause this? Cause I didn’t do that
  7. Sithex said:
    Bob125484 said:
    Did you try installing fresh window?

    No I thought that just resetting and erasing all data would be fine

    If you replace mobo/CPU, it is best to install fresh window. You should not use hard drive with window from old computer and plug in on new mobo/CPU and expect to work perfectly.
  8. Be careful how you interpret task manager cpu utilizations.
    Windows will spread the activity of a single thread over all available threads.
    So, if you had a game that was single threaded and cpu bound, it would show up on a quad core processor as 25%
    utilization across all 4 threads.
    leading you to think your bottleneck was elsewhere.
    It turns our that few games can usefully use more than 2-3 threads.
    How can you tell how well threaded your games or apps are?
    One way is to disable one thread and see how you do.

    You can do this in the windows msconfig boot advanced options option.
    You will need to reboot for the change to take effect. Set the number of processors to less than you have.
    This will tell you how sensitive your games are to the benefits of many threads.
    If you see little difference, it tells you that you will not benefit from more cores.
    Likely, a better clock rate will be more important.

    Run cpu-z while you are gaming a bit.
    See what the multiplier is. It should vary between 34 and 37.

    What is your temperature at idle?
    It should be 10-15c. over ambient.

    If it is much higher, it is likely that your cooler has come loose and needs to be remounted.
  9. Check your cooler and make sure it’s neither loose nor too tight. You may want to reseat your CPU as the pin responsible for monitoring temperatures could be off a bit and not making proper contact.
  10. Just to be clear, am i reading this right??? Cpu temps says 99 C when im just on desktop
  11. So it obviously seems like the cpu cooler, when I opened the case the coolers pins that hook onto he motherboard were somewhat broken. Only 2 of the 4 were able to attach, now this doesn’t exactly seem like much of a problem to me. If a cooler is even a little loose shouldn’t it produce some temperature decrease?
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    That is a problem. You need an air tight seal between the CPUand cooler so that the thermal paste can bond appropriately. If it’s loose then that means the seal is broken and air has made its way in between. Air is horrible at conducting heat so that’s why you’re seeing those higher temps.

    You need to replace that CPU cooler if the standoff’s are broken.
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