What is the max amount of GPUs I can fit in a Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full Tower PC Case

How many would be the most GPUs I could fit in this case?

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  1. Its more about how many your Motherboard will support. Another issue will be heat, when you stack alot of GPUs close together they loose alot of cooling.

    If you are doing this for gaming save your money, 1 powerful card is better then alot of less powerful ones, and if you are doing this for mining I would suggest looking at some of the specialty mining rigs they have.
  2. Its for Mining, all the specialty mining rigs sell out too fast so i'd rather build my own. If i get a mother board that fits 5 cards would it be able to fit all of them in the case?
  3. as many as your motherboard will let you use on it :)
  4. The Paladin said:
    as many as your motherboard will let you use on it :)

    Cool thanks, I just wanted to confirm if I would have the room in the case to fit a motherboard with 5 GPUs filled in all the PCIE slots....maybe even more ;)
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