"cpu fan error, press f1 for setup"

Hello, i turned on my cumputer and suddenly got the "cpu fan error, press f1 for setup" message and bios wont detect my cou fan, then i tried to reboot and it worked again but now its here again and my cpu is 100 degrees in idle, im really lost on what to do
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  1. you replace the CPU cooler from the sounds of it.

    What's your system specs and country of origin, someone will recommend one.
  2. My specs are:

    Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.50GHz

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

    ASUS z97-A

    And is from Denmark
  3. You may get a fan error message if the cpu cooler fan is not connected, or is not spinning.
    Some motherboards will use around 500 rpm to determine if the fan is functioning.
    That threshold can usually be set lower in the bios.

    As to your temperature is that 100 degreed Celsius or Fahrenheit(38f)??
    A normal working cooler should run 10-15c. over ambient.

    If you are hotter than that, your cooler may have come loose and need to be reseated.
    WQhat is your cpu cooler?
  4. Personally I think the Cryorig H5 Universal is a good match for that CPU. I don't know the tech sites to shop at where you live, so I just linked this for reference.

    Toms review team has other choices
  5. Its celsius, And its think its a cooler master seidon
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