Windows 7 and 8.1 update latest gen processors

Can a system with either a ryzen cpu or the latest gen intel cpu running windows 7 or 8.1 be updated by downloading the updates manually and installing them or would you have to install that update workaround to install updates?
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  1. Why, in the name of dog, would you ever want to keep running Win7/8/8.1? Go to and get the free upgrade (before January 16).

    But to answer the actual question you asked, yes, all modern processors (and motherboards) will run Win7/8/8.1. You will eventually run into a problem with drivers for such things as GPUs, and compatibility issues with applications (especially web applications).
  2. well I was asking could I download an update manually and install it? Or would I have to install the windows update workaround patch? I assume you know how microsoft blocked windows update.

    And to answer the question as to why I'm running that, I just prefer the look of 7 and I have a bunch of older programs than don't work on 10. Sometime, I'll install 10 on a second hard drive.
  3. Well the other prob is the mobo site may not / or wont have win7 or 8 drivers for whatever either
  4. nah the mobo has win7 and 8 drivers. I'm just curious if I could manually install updates without the use of that workaround program.
  5. Cant see why. But have fun downloading 100-200 of them
  6. lol I will, thank you.
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    Something like this should speed things up a bit
  8. One of the updates Win7 installs is the update that blocks Ryzens and Kaby Lakes.
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