Software recommendations to securely erase PCIe SSD storage device?

Hello all,

I recently purchased a second-hand PC that contains a PCIe SSD.

Before handing over the PC the previous owner "re-formatted" the drive. He also gave me an pirated copy of Windows 10 to reinstall via flash drive, although, I will not be using it as I can download a legitimate version through work for FREE.

However, before I install windows I want to securely erase the entire PCIe SSD, just so that I'm certain any potential risks to my security are destroyed.

With that said it has been a very very long time since I've used such a program (10+ years) so I'm curious what you all recommend?

Overall I want it to be able to run over the entire hard-drive and detect and delete any partitions or hidden files so that I'm left with the drive as if it is brand new. Once it is complete, I want to be able to re-install Windows 10 instantly. I have two USB devices, which I'm likely to install both the erasing tool and Windows on, respectively.

Finally, it would be great if the software is FREE, but am willing to pay a small fee IF it makes me and my future data 100% safe.

Kind regards,

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  1. just buy a new drive and install your new windows in it. that will give you zero anxiety.
    however, i have no knowledge of a virus that can stay in a harddrive after a clean operation/partition deletion. so its safe to reuse your drive.
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    If I recall correctly.

    Don't do that or you will shorten the life of the SSD.
    More than the first guy probably did.

    A secure format of the SSD needs to flash every single cell on it with zero's. Writing.
    Reading an SSD can be done forever. Writing to an SSD needs a shot of voltage, which shortens it's life.
    Defragging an SSD does the same thing only worse because it flashes each cell multiple times.
    I learned that the hard way.

    When you install Windows have it make a fresh partition.
    That will flash the file allocation table securely and the old data can't be recovered by normal means.
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