Can this EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 GAMING fit into my inspiron 660s

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  1. No, it doesn't fit a slim case.

    Besides that, the 220 watt power supply in that PC is not strong enough to run that video card.

    Not much is upgradable on slim PCs due to the size.
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    Open the case, does it have a pci-ex x16 slot? I bet you could get a low profile card in there if you wanted to. Check to see if there is room for the card to be dual slot or does it have to be single slot?

    In terms of power 220W isn't great but that CPU is a 65W part. So even with a 75W card you'd have some power to spare. One thing to check, does that motherboard pci-ex slot put out the full 75W, some Dell small form factor computers don't. In that situation, a GT 1030 is your best choice. It is less powerful than a 1050 but then you have a Pentium for a CPU, so it probably won't matter.
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