should i buy a new graphic card now or wait for the new volta architecture cards to release..

Is it worth waiting for a gpu to be release expected in q3 of the year 2k18 or buy a graphic card i.e gtx 1060 or 1070
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  1. You should always wait because something new is always coming.... :heink:

    Seriously though, the answer depends on your needs. What GPU are you using now? What is it not doing that you need?
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    You certainly should NOT buy a 1070 or 1080 graphics card RIGHT NOW.

    The mining stuff went insane and currently (1-14-18) the price of a GTX 1070 that was $439 two weeks ago is $939. (Newegg)


    The prices of 1060's aren't as bad, but walk away from high end graphics cards right now.

    All we can do is hope that supply of the high end cards gets better, or that the graphics card manufacturers make mining specific cards that encourage miners to step away from gaming capable cards. Then the pricing will return to sane levels.

    I'm waiting until late next year to buy. (subject to change if the mining market crashes and thousands of graphics cards get sold used on Ebay).
  3. Actually i sold my gtx 1060 6gb for around $280
    i was wondering whether to buy a 10series higher end or wait for next release.

    right now i dont have a graphic card and i am good with it if a new series is gonna come soon...
    so, should i buy one right now or not
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