mouse pointer is so slow and dpi button doesn't work

I bought Cooler Master MasterKey Lite L Combo Pack 4 days ago. It was running all well.
Last night i came home, and see that mouse pointer is so slow, and dpi button doesn't change anything.
But when i click dpi button, mouse blinks the leds, button works but doesn't affect.

I searched on internet all night, did a alot of things to fix.

In windows mouse options, there is "enhance pointer precision", it is normally checked. When i uncheck it, mouse get fast, but it feels like a cheap mause, so bad.

I wanna fix this thing. Mouse can't be broken in one night.

There is no special driver for that mouse. Uses windows mouse driver.
I formatted my computer, it didn't solve.

Tried my old mouse, dpi button works, and pointer moves very good.
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    4 days old, exchange it for another one and test that.
  2. hang-the-9 said:
    4 days old, exchange it for another one and test that.

    i've exchanged it, everything is okey now.
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