BSOD after installing Ati GPU Driver

Hello Guys, I desperately need help to fix my laptop. Due to recent BSOD, I reinstalled my OS hoping that it will resolve the problem. But after I installed GPU's driver I keep getting the same BSOD as before. I have tried upgrading Bios, Installing driver from Asus (because my laptop series is Asus K45Dr) or from ATI. clean the CPU fan. But none works and I still get this BSOD ( If someone knows how to fix this problem please help me
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  1. Is this the latest version you tried installing?
  2. COLGeek said:
    Is this the latest version you tried installing?

    No, I used auto detect driver tools from AMD which I think will download the suitable driver depending on my GPU (?)
  3. Try the one I linked.
  4. COLGeek said:
    Try the one I linked.

    Tried installing both 17.12.1 and 18.1.1 but it isn't compatible with my graphic card. My GPU card are from 6000 series
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