Problem- B350 PC MATE - No Display - Cpu Ez Debug Led On

So just recently put together a new pc with these parts

Msi B350 Pc Mate
Amd Ryzen 5 1600
Msi Gtx 750 Ti
Corsair Cx 650M
T-Force Delta R 8Gb

couple important things:

Lights turn on/Fans spin.
Nothing displays on my monitor.
Ez debug light is on for cpu ( brand new cpu).
My keyboard recieves no power when plugged in.

If anybody has a clue to whats wrong please!! help!! I can answer any questions/link video to show how it acts. The only idea i had & saw was some issue with this motherboard only recongnizing ryzen 7’s
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  1. I suggest checking if the 8 pin CPU power cable is properly connected.
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    Here's our standard checklist.

    I've seen more than few problems with that motherboard being dead on arrival recently. If the list above doesn't fix the problem you may have a bad motherboard.
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