Win 10 Game Audio Laptop, Movie Audio TV AT SAME TIME

I USED to do this ALL the time.
My Laptop would play a movie on my TV thought the HDMI port.
AT THE SAME TIME the movie is playing, I would also play a PC game ( like LOTRO or SWTOR ) on my laptop screen.

The movie audio plays ONLY though TV.
The game audio plays ONLY though headphones or laptop speakers.
In other words the audio from the video played only on the same device as was playing the video.

Now they got this stupid communication channel and default channel, Both movies and games will only play on the default audio device. I.E. ALL audio plays though the TV ( or all audio plays through the headphones if I change which device is the default ).

Anyone know how to get it back to the way it used to work?
Game video displays on laptop while game audio plays through laptop/headphone
while at the same time
Movie displays on TV though hdmi and movie audio also comes through TV through hdmi??
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  1. You can roll back to Windows XP (that functionality was taken out when Vista rolled out) or you can Try this Microsoft Solution.

    -Wolf sends
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    OK, suddenly it started working as I would like.
    I had set my laptop speakers/headphone jack to the default audio device.
    I am watching my movie though the VLC media player, and VLC lets me pick the audio output device ( I could select the recognised TV)

    When I initially set this up it was not working. I had the game running b4 I started the movie.
    I am not 100% sure why it started working, but I think restarting the game with the correct configuration did the trick.
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