Weird noise from my pc

Recently I have noticed a whirring noise coming from my tower while I’m gaming. It will change pitches and when I do different things in game and disappear when I do anything else (I play windowed with 2 monitors). My assumption is that the noise is coil whine from the graphics card as the noise changes based on the intensity of graphics on the screen. My 1060 has been in use for a while and this just started though. Does this sound like coil whine? If so, what can I do? The noise is driving me nuts.
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  1. is it definitely coming from your Gpu if so it could be that it is failing as gpu fans do generate noise when in game etc
  2. So I removed the side of my case to listen in and it sounds like its coming from my PSU, but i can't be sure the sound isn't just bouncing off of it. I still feel airflow from my GPU and the PSU as well. I have an ASUS 1060 just installed last september, and a 760w Cougar 80+ Bronze certified PSU. Is this noise something I should be afraid of, or should I just get some sound absorbing material and just put it in there?
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    it could be that its overloaded that generates noise to cool down the gpu. if it is the psu then it could be failing try a different psu on your build
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