Does my hard drive need to be wiped clean before installing new MOBO ( Going from Intel-intel)

So I'm Upgrading some parts in my PC and this is the first time im installing things my self on my PC btw. So my qustion is when i install the new BIOS with my new MOBO does my hard drive has to be wiped clean so the new BIOS can go on it or can i leave it as is. Iv read on other threads that when you go from AMD to Intel you sometimes have to do it but im not sure if i need to if i go from Intel to Intel and if i do what is the best way to do it? iv used up roughly 1TB so far. so if anyone could help that would be awesome thanks in advanced!...

Current Build is - CPU i7 2600k,... GPU AMD XFX Radeon RX 480 4gb.... Power Suply is. Evga 850 BQ Bronze.... MOBO is Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 (very old MOBO) and the ram is unkown 16gb... HDD is hitachi 2X1TB

IM upgrading my CPU to i7-7700k.... My MOBO to Asus ROG STRIX B250H GAMING.... and Ram to Viper Patriot 16Gb 3400Mhz UDIMM and the PS and GPU and HDD stays the same.
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  1. You're changing mobo, cpu and ram and there's stong chance that your windows will freak out completely and refuse to boot, or simply shower you with a variety of issues and errors if you do manage to start up. You can try if you like, but I would always recommend wiping and reinstalling when getting a major upgrade like that.
    One thing to remember is that your windows copy is tied to the motherboard. So before you put in new hardware, log into microsoft account (assuming you're running windows), associate your copy of windows with it, then change the hardware, reinstall windows, delay authentication until windows is done installing, then log into microsoft account again and validate it. There is a section when you log into their site about migrating computers, that's what you want.
  2. Oh wow this was alot faster then i expected thanks for the quick respond! I honestly dont know where to start on wiping my HDD never done it where its 100% wiped. Would it make it simpler if i Get a new HDD thats already clean? and if i do get a new HDD will i still need to do the Microsoft Act step or can i just install my windows and use the same act with the new hard ware?
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    Even if you got a new hdd, the old one will have the boot record (needed for computer to properly start up), and the old copy of windows and you'll have to be choosing which one to boot, then eventually you still have to delete old windows copy. But you then have to transfer the boot record to new one or to avoid deleting other words it's a headache. My advice, don't do it. Wiping in fact is very very easy nowadays.
    First, back up all your important files on something. USB, external drive, dvds, whatever is handy. Link your windows to microsoft account. Put in the new hardware.
    Then once you're ready to reinstall, you just put in a windows install dvd or usb, boot and hit a key to boot from installation media. Eventually you get to a screen like this:
    with your mouse, select each partition, click on delete in the option. It asks you if you're sure you want to delete the partition, you say yes. Once you deleted all partitions on your drive you're going to be left with unallocated space that's the size of whatever your drive size is. You select it, hit New. When it asks for format, select NTFS and that's it. You then select the newly formatted partition, hit next. It asks you if that's the partition you want to install on, you say yes, and the rest it does automatically.
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