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My computer is saying Setup.exe is not a valid win32 application. I've tried both versions 32bit and 64bit and get same error. Im running windows xp and trying to upgrade to windows 10. Im installing from a USB. Is there a troubleshooter i can download or why am i getting this error?
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  1. You can't upgrade XP to 10. If you want 10 you have to do a clean install.
  2. Thats what i did. I order a usb off ebay that said it was a 32bit or 64bit and it didnt work. And i tried a clean instal of a 32bit and 64 version and they didn't work so im thinking its a deeper problem maybe hard drive? What else could cause the error?
  3. Are you booting to the USB drive? Because the error you are getting is usually from trying to run the setup file from within windows.
  4. ok. no i havent tried that yet. i have it first in bios but i havent got it to boot up yet? my xp boots to a screen where it says windows xp professional 2002 and i press enter it doesnt actually boot to the usb drive. Would you have an idea on that? thank you
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    ok. i just fixed it. i didnt have correct usb in first. I got to the boot from usb screen but it said setup.exe error. going to try another version. i have a x64 it said its 64bit but a program i checked says i have windows xp home 32 bit os.
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