Problems with a 750 ti on a AMD A8 5600k

So I recently sold my old 750 ti to a friend, he's a got a PC with the amd 5600k APU, now after we installed the new 750 ti we got a message on the screen, something about Hydravision and an AMD desktop manager, didn't pay it much attention, now my friend is getting a weird pixelated screen:

That disappears when he moves the mouse, now when he tried to to do a screen cap he gets this:

Notice how the pixels aren't visible in the screen capture, but I also noticed how we get a screen as if he had two monitors connected to his GPu (which he doesn't).

I know the GPU is completely fine since I was using it just a couple of weeks ago so i'm thinking there might be some problems with the integrated graphics card in his APU, but I don't know honestly, any advices?
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    His monitor is connected to the 750 Ti, and he installed the Nvidia drivers?

    There should be no 'problem' with the integrated graphics since he shouldn't be using them anymore.
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