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Recently recieved a smart warning in intel rapid storage but couldn't find what exactly is wrong.

Tried different tools to read what's up. HDD is from WD.

Tried error scan in HD tune for bad sectors. Everything fine.
In crystald disk info and Hard Disk Sentinel, both of them say that SMART status is ok.

Only in Victora have found message "bad status" screen below. Checked in internet about those red rows... seems they are ... ok? don't know...

Soo, my main question is... is my HDD ok? false alarm?
I don't see any problems with it, but wanna know if i should start to worry or not.

P.S 2 weeks ago did one stupid thing... cleaned my laptop (cooler) and after cleaning forgot (yeah) to plug in the cooler (so it wasn't working), soo when i started computer, it was working and then(after few days) shutdown (cause of heat probably) and after that i checked cooler and pluged it in, but the computer was running (with small load cause of browser use only) for almost a week.

link to smart status screen
Smart screen status

did a test with VIctoria API, had only 1700 (orange) warning sectors with sow reading speed (100-220 ms) and zero error sectors.

Any thoughts?
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  1. You are making routine full image backups of your OS and Data partitions onto external media, correct? I mention this because backups that are restorable are one of the very best ways to recover from a failing HD or a failed HD. Now, whether your HD is failing "logically" or physicially - I don't know.
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