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ok so first let me say I am NOT trying to find a way of putting dvd's onto a pc so I can copy them.
I have some very old cartoons that are very grainy when viewed on a large widescreen tv.
I want to watch them on my pc but I don't want my dvd unit running for an hour at a time as it will get hot.

How can I transfer the dvd to my pc... I have tried clicking on the dvd drive with the disc in but not been able to copy/paste or drag and drop to an empty folder.

Am I trying to do something that widows does not allow.
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  1. 1. If I correctly understand your situation (and I'm not at all sure I do!), you have some DVD disks that you want to view on your PC.

    2. Your PC is equipped with a DVD player.

    3. But you don't wish to insert & play those DVD disks in your PC DVD player because you indicate the DVD player "will get hot" after it's running for some time.

    Is the preceding the gist of the situation or have I misunderstood the problem?
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    Following up on ArtPog's post, consider adding an external CD/DVD-player/writer device which can take "the hit" if there comes a hit, or, you can purchase Digiarty's WinX DVD Ripper. Unless I misunderstand Fair Use, what you are allowed to do is create a backup copy of your original DVD (which you own) onto another "working" DVD or onto your hard-drive for private playing in your house. The DVD Ripper, if allowed to do so by the original DVD, can make a MP4 on your hard-drive in the directory of your choosing. Of course that copy never leaves your house.
  3. thanks for the reply roland
  4. "...thanks for the reply roland..." Well, thanks to ArtPog's post, I was able to build up on it and continue :)
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