External Harddrive seagate not showing in explorer but is showing in disk manager / device manager

I bought a Seagate Expansion disk yesterday of 1TB. I was trying to install several versions of linux on it and at one point I realized that on windows it didn't show up any more in explorer. When I go to the devicemanager/diskmanager however it shows up and there are no driver problems whatsoever.

I've read many posts about this and most people tell me to put a drive letter on the disk but the only thing I am able to do in diskmanager is delete the volume, all the other options are greyed out. In diskpart.exe the disk does not show up.

I've reformatted the disk to NTFS already and I've also ran the long fix procedure of SeaTools on the disk already without any effect.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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    I found a solution after searching for a full day. How typical that I find it just after posting :D. I'll tell you guys anyways in case anyone else runs into the problem.
    1. Delete the volume
    2. Assign a new simple volume (this way you will be able to format + assign a letter)

    Now it will show up again!
  2. Thanks for posting your solution! You will help somebody else with the same problem in the future.
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