Can't install windows

I bought new computer parts and built it myself. When I try to install windows it won't find hard drive or when it does then it won't allow to install on that drive (gives some error, windows cannot be installed to this disk). I checked bios many times and sometimes it can recognize hdd and when I restart then there isnt anymore. Boot menu doesn't show hdd at all. I tried another hdd, flashing bios and connect to other sata port, but still nothing.
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  1. List the specs
  2. Asrock a320m-dgs
    msi vega 64
    ryzen 1800x
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 or WD blue laptop hdd (can't find exact model number).
  3. Maybe because of loose contact of the connectors.
  4. I tried everything until I realised that my motherboars only supports up to 65W cpu, but my cpu is 95W. Im getting new motherboard in few days. Could this be the problem?

    Update: I installed new motherboard but issue is still here. I checked all the connects. I'm out of ideas.
  5. I just needed to buy ssd and it worked.
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