Front usb 2.0/3.0??

I really hate my build it just keeps giving me issues. But it has been 4 years with it so what can i expect. But anyway my Storm Trooper front usb 2.0/3.0 just stoppepd working. There is 1 2.0 left that works and im using it for my headset, and one 2.0 that works but is super buggy e.x Plugged in phone and it starts flashing the charging signal, Plugged in headset and it starts buzzing. And the 3.0 are all dead they just dont work. Sorry if any grammar or typing mistakes, english is not my native lang
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  1. took a look to find my usb 3.0 cable disconnected somehow smh
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    Also, per your PM, regarding cases there is this that I sent you about new cases and their integrated fan hubs.

    Yes, some cases have their own fan hubs. You simply plug the case fan hub into any four pin PWM fan header on the motherboard, preferably NOT the CPU fan header, but with some configurations even that is acceptable, and then plug the fans into the fan header.

    You have to pay attention and read the instructions or reviews on that item looking for specific information though because some hubs do not support four pin fans, some do not support 3 pin fans, some support four pin but NOT with PWM function and some support any and all types of fans and don't care whether they are PWM or voltage controlled.
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