What should i upgrade first, my CPU or GPU?

So i've got a GTX 750ti 2gb and a AMD FX-6300 six-core processor. i want to play games like BO3, GTAV, Ark ect. Im planing on getting a 1080 8gb, and im not sure what kind of CPU to get i just know that i need to upgrade that.
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  1. I would upgrade CPU. What motherboard do you have exactly? You could upgrade to a fx 8350 or fx 9590 if your motherboard supports it.
  2. If you upgrade CPU then you should do a platform upgrade either to Ryzen or Intel! No FX CPU will keep up with GTX1080!
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    DO NOT (IMO) think about an FX 9590 CPU. I would also say don't upgrade an FX CPU at all. Save your money for a motherboard/CPU/RAM upgrade. If you have enough money for a 1080 GPU, you should get the new motherboard/CPU/RAM first.
  4. unfortunately, even if your motherboard supports an FX9590, it will still bottleneck a GTX 1080 due to bulldozers low IPC. to get the most out of a GTX 1080, you are looking at a full platform upgrade. what kind of budget do you have? what is the rest of your current builds specs?
  5. Go with a Ryzen 1600, b350 motherboard and memory. You won't get really high FPS, but it will be 60+ in most games and will be a smooth gameplay experience. You'll get 6 cores/12 threads, a b350 motherboard and memory for less money than intel's high end i7 chip. Now that's value for the money!!
  6. Also just keep in mind, if you go with anything more powerful than a gtx 1070, it will be overkill for any resolution less than 1440p. So be prepared to upgrade the monitor to 1440p at least, if you want to fully utilize the gtx 1080. Otherwise, what I would do is wait for the next gen NVidia cards and go with something like a gtx 2060 (Or whatever the next gen gtx 1060 equivalent is) if you plan to stick with a 1080p resolution monitor for example. The 10 series cards have been out for a year already, so it's worth it to wait for the new line of incoming NVidia cards.
  7. it doesnt need to be an i7 an i5 and gtx 1070/80 is just as good
  8. so should i go with a 1070 instead of a 1080, of course i will still buy a new motherboard (most likely an Intel motherboard) and maybe upgrade my ram from 8gb to 16gb? (i don't know how to reply to answers so i just did this) and thanks for all quick answers
  9. you can go with a 1070 cheaper and does 1080p gaming
  10. alright thanks
  11. The next gen 1060 equivalent will be out soon. You'll likely spend less money for better performance of a 1070. I'd hold on to your 750ti and follow through with the cpu/motherboard/memory upgrade, then revisit the graphics card in the near future.
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