LiteOn M.2 SSD Overheating in Lenovo 110s

Good morning,

I have a Lenovo 110s-11IBR, which is a really low budget laptop with only 32GB of iNAND storage. However, I wanted an expansion and there is a slot for an internal M.2 drive. So, I visited the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop and purchased a supported SSD expansion drive, the LiteOn CV3-80128-11 SATA 128GB M.2 SSD, which is mentioned on Page 59.

I installed the SSD successfully into the laptop and right from the start I had problems. I decided to run Windows 8.1 on the SSD to get better performance. It worked at first until I started downloading or doing some intensive tasks. Noticeably, when I downloaded Steam games, the system halted with the clock even stopping but the mouse cursor still moving around. I then repeated the same scenarios and used OpenHardwareMonitor and Crystal Disk Info to see what could be causing the issue. CrystalDiskMark showed the SSD to be 'Good' but the temperatures were in the red with about 50*C. Checking in OpenHardwareMonitor, the SSD was reaching temps as high as 65*C on load due to the fanless nature of the system. Also, I found that there was no metal above the SSD to contain heat, so I used a bit of DIY aluminum on the case and it seemed to work.

However, after a few days, problems returned and the system was barely usable. At one point, sectors and files became corrupted due to my repeated forced shutdowns. I don't know how to fix this problem and still use my SSD I purchased. If there are any suggestions I could receive, it would be great.

Thank you,
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    It might be time to do as I did for each of my two laptops -- always using an external USB-powered cooling assembly (one giant fan or two twin fans). Such made a difference! Now, while it certanly heps to clean the laptop fan vents, I still always use my cooling assemblies.
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