difference between two SSDs (lifespan - long post)

ok so I have a sk hynix SSD on my dell laptop and a 250GB samsung ssd on my computer, I just want to learn the SMART values aka lifespan is ok or not (real value) I asked this many times here but I never did compare these two ssds so thats why I'm asking again, yes I'm a paranoid, just answer please

SK hynix tool says %100 lifespan is current but wear leveling count is reached to 8, and time of purchase is barely 90 days ago (sk hynix software can show % but not samsung magician)

Samsung magician says 4.9TB is written to the disk and wear leveling count reached to 18 with 334 day of purchase.

My all games and huge data files are in my hard disk(my main computer, laptop have only ssd) so I have absolutely no idea where that 4tb came from. Laptop have 8GB ram and computer have 16GB ram, computer have its pagefile disabled long ago and its superprefetch is already disabled.

Computer wear leveling count detailed
real current worst threshold raw value
18 96 96 0 0000000012

samsung magician software is up to date and says AHCI/TRIM is enabled and genunie, also latest firmware. Drive condition is also GOOD. Both SSDs have their other smart values are ok meaning either zero or something not critical. (Relocated sector counts are zero on both)

as you see, I'm more concerned about computer's ssd since its have the highest value and laptop seems ok since sk hynix tool says %100 of lifespan available. Both SSDs have empty space like 150GB all the time.

so I ask a very simple question: why these SSDs have their wear leveling counts are already high with no heavy daily usage or high temperature. I'm trying to understand this since years now. sorry for long post and thank you very much for understanding!
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    I have used dual SSD drives in RAID 0 in one of my systems for about 4 years now, and the drives were probably a year or two old when I got them. Still running fine.

    Use your drives, make backups of your files, don't waste your time worrying about things. There is no way to know exactly what was used on your drive over the months you had them unless you monitored every single write operation and kept track of it in a spreadsheet.
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