Moving storage drive from win7 to 10?

I'm working on a new build and have a 5tb internal D: drive (not in RAID configuration) with all my Steam games installed on it, not a boot drive. The current system is Windows 7, I'm wondering if I will still be able to access my data and play the installed games on Windows 10 without reinstalling them or if I'll have any issues transferring to a new OS? I'm going to have an SSD as a boot drive.
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    My guess is that you are going to have issues.

    My logic is as follows. When you installed the games under Windows 7...I think there is a good chance that the games saw you had Windows 7 installed and install themselves based on this.

    I also think Windows 7 had to do some configuring of itself when you installed the games.

    So when you go to run the games under Windows 10....Windows 10 won't even know you have the games installed....and the games are looking for Windows I can't see this ending well.

    I may be wrong...and of course you can try it....but those are my thoughts.
  2. In the past i've pointed steam to my steam apps folder and it fixes everything else for it. You might lose some local data like binds. It's worth a shot. If not then redownload. you can search how to change steam directory and find a tutorial. I've done it on the same OS but not tested it on moving over to a new one.
  3. Just as a secondary drive, you should have no issues.
    You just have to tell your new Steam client the location of the stuff on the 5TB.

    Steam games location
    In the steam client:
    Steam Library Folders
    Add library folder
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