Best SBC for owncloud storage server/cloud.


I want to make an cloud server to me, my family and my friends can upload and download files and stuff to/from it.
I saw some videos and I found DietPi.
This is a really nice thing since it does everything for you.
After installing the software needed, I plugged a 1TB HDD (from old laptop) and saw a video on how to format the disk and make it usable by the server software.

In the end of all configs, everything was and is working but I used my old Raspberry Pi B+ to test this and therefore, the server is too slow for normal use. It does work but takes a lot of time to do things and the CPU gets to 100% usage easily.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 running a VPN server, so I can't use it for this project and I want to make the right choice on getting the best SBC for this project.

I saw that DietPi runs on a lot of SBC's but I need one with atleast one USB 3.0 and a gigabit lan port (or I can use an adapter from USB to ethernet).

I don't know how OwnCloud works so I don't know what's it needs for it to run the best. Maybe an octa core CPU is better than a Quad Core. Maybe more RAM is necessary or less.

I only know I need that gigabit lan and usb 3.0 for the HDD adapter.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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