i7 7800x & GTX 1080 ti Battlefield 1 Fps drops and 100% Cpu usage problem

Hey Guys;
My pc Specs;
Asus x299 E gaming MB
i7 7800x Intel CPU Overlocked Asus Extreme Tuning
G skill 16 gb 3600 mhz DDr4 ram kit extreme tuning up to them 3200 mhz( i dont knoww manually how can i take stable 3600 mhz )
Asus strix 1080 Ti Graphic Card
M.2 sata Evo 960 500 gb SSD
NZXT x62 Kraken CPU Liquid Cooler
RM100i PSU and now i trying RM750x


GPU Usage 45-65 Percentage
CPU Usage everytime more then 90%
i guess there is have a problem :D



He is taking more fps in 2k monitor :(

As i said in title i had a problem , fps drops and more then 90% CPU usage and maximum GPU usage %65 is it normal ? what is the problem you can watch my video on this link some explosives making me random fps drops but i feeling it to much , its down110 to 60 - 100 to 70 directly.
i give up to play games on this monster i spent really to much money this computer for gaming but its not stable .
about Monitor i just wait Asus PG27UQ 4K HDR monitor because of that i still using this one

XL2420T 120 Hz BenQ Monitor but 1080p overkill for 1080 ti i understand but why its everytime fps drops , freezings and some shuttering

I update Bios
Last graphich card Drivers With DDU .
i did default witout do any oc when i do this its getting worst.
i change my PSU rm1000i to rm 750x tryed psu and i tryed 2 different ram moduls. 2600 mhz ddr4

I just focus my monitor 1080p maybe doing overkill and bottleneck for my system , but i do not have high resolutaion monitor to try it im still waiting to buy new 1

do you have any idea please advice me , i stuck really ...
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  1. Try going to the Windows Power Options and change it to high performance. Let me know if there's a difference or not.
  2. Its balanced
  3. Did you change it to high performance and try and see if there's a difference? I'm thinking your cpus are stuck in idle mode, that's why your cpus are at 100% and the frames are low.
  4. Are you running the game in directx 12?

    If yes change it to directx 11 and see if that dosent help it. Bf1 runs like shit in directx 12 with tons of lag spikes.
  5. yeah if you watch my video there is have setting dx 11
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    If you have a good anti-virus program and know you do not have a virus try these:

    Enter UFEI or BIOS and set the RAM from XMP to the lowest setting and manually set the speed to 2133. Try a game if it plays well your RAM is the problem.

    If, after that, games continue to be slow do the following:

    1.) Check Task Manager for programs running.
    2.) Do the following:

    Download and install Spybot Anti-Beacon [it is free] and turn off everything except what you use, such as Bing [search engine] or Office 2015. In the Protection Tab, at the bottom of the page click Immunize. In the Optional tab click "Apply" buttons for everything you do not use.

    This will auto "decrapify" Windows OS.

    Every time Microsoft updates your OS check Spybot Anti-Beacon because sometimes programs are added or turned back on without Microsoft advising you.

    You can also manually turn off what you do not want, however, that is a lengthy process, however, it works. Again, you will have to check to see if Microsoft turned something back on after you turned it off. As of the 2017 creators fall update Microsoft promised not to do that any longer, however, I continue to check because I do not trust them.

    Do this for the Spring 2017 creators update:

    Do this for the Fall 2107 crators update:
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