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I'm using i7 6700k, 16 GB dd4 Ram,SSD 240gb,HDD 2tb 7200rpm, so my question is if will i use the 550 watt power supply so Higher power supply wattage uses more electricity? Thank you!
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    A decent 550w PSU is plenty of power for those specs.
  2. A Corsair VS550?
  3. Yes A Corsair VS550?
  4. what's your recommendation?
  5. The Corsair VS is perfectly fine for your specs.
  6. Okay thank you now please tell me Higher power supply wattage uses more electricity?
  7. Because i have calculate PSU and hers is the result.(Load Wattage: 187 W
    Recommended PSU Wattage: 237 W)
  8. There won't be much of a difference , the computer will only draw what it needs to run.
  9. Okay so i am buying Corsair VS 550w.Thank you!
  10. Glad to help.
  11. Thank you for your help!
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