Help choose flashdrive 128gb

hello everyone can someone help me?

im lookingfor 128gb usb 3.0 are ya guys have recommend?

before i have flashdisk Sandisk Ultra flair CZ73 32GB, this flashdisk is very fast and i love it but.. this is very hot if i oprate it about 5-30min it is very imposible to touch because very hot

and can someone help me choose 128gb flashdisk? better i buy sandisk CZ73 or CZ48? or other?

thanks you for help!
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  1. I have some of those, they do get hot.
    I don't think the heat can be avoided with fast USB 3 drives. All I can suggest is get something bigger with more surface area to cool down. Or get something slow.
  2. do you have any recommend? I know my old flashdrive is very hot because its material 90% metal and 10% plastic glass,
  3. or sandisk CZ48 or sandisk ultrafit
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    The smaller Sandisks have a reputation for getting very hot. I have both the Sandisk Ultra Fit and the Samsung Fit. Based on touching the metal they seem to get about equally hot, but the Samsung's plastic is better positioned to protect you from the heat. And according to reviews the Sandisk seems to suffer more heat-related failures (mine has worked fine for 3 years). Performance of the Samsung is actually a bit better than the Sandisk. Aside from heat, both perform very well.

    If you want best performance, I'd go for the CZ88 (Extreme Pro). It's about the fastest USB 3.0 flash drive out there that doesn't resort to using a SSD controller. Unfortunately it costs 2x as much per GB. (The CZ80/CZ800 is a nearly as good and better priced, but the biggest version is only 64GB.)
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