Internal optical drive used externally?

Hi so in my previous build i had an optical drive installed but after changing the case to the s340 elite with no optical drive cage i didnt have anywhere to install it so i just left it in my storage room. But recently i wanted to buy a video game and it doesn't seem like i can buy it online and download it so i was wondering if i could just leave the optical drive outside (maybe lying on top of table or something) and open the back panel so i can plug the sata cables in and then install the video game on my pc from the dvd. Would this work or would i have to get one of those external drive exclosures...
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    In theory yes but make sure it's fastened somehow or just get a SATA to USB adapter for it. Much easier than connecting it inside.
  2. If you keep your drive steady, it does not matter if it lays inside or outside your case. Shaking may cause the reading had loosing track.
    You can use it placed on your desk.
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