Transferring data (except OS) from old to new HDD?

Hi! I have an old Hdd. Can i transfer all the files and pictures except OS to my new HDD? I have searched for a lot but almost everyone showed how to transfer files with your OS too. But i dont need my old OS anymore i just need my files. i saw when an old hdd is connected with a new pc windows showed it as unallocated and ask for a format! So what can i do now? plz help me!
NB: Currently i am using New Hdd as my boot and storage drive.
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  1. Yes you long as they are files and not programs.

    When this happens>>>"an old hdd is connected with a new pc windows showed it as unallocated and ask for a format" it just means that the disk hasn't been partitioned and formatted yet.

    This isn't a big deal. You can partition and format it from Windows.
  2. You haven't indicated whether your "new" HDD is (or will be) your boot drive, containing the OS. Or is the "new" HDD a storage drive and your system contains another drive that serves as the boot drive?
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    Private message (edited) from casper668...
    Hi! I'm new here. I'm not sure how to reply to your comment since my English is limited. That's why I'm sending you this private msg. In your comment you asked me some questions - the answers are as follows:
    1. I have only one HDD running in my pc that serves as both boot and storage drive

    2. My objective is to connect my old HDD (which has OS installed) and transfer all the data on that drive to my new HDD which I'm currently using. I trust you understand my objective.

    I made some minor changes in your private message so please forgive me for that. You needn't apologize for your English skills. You stated your objectives quite clearly.

    It's best to respond in the thread rather send private messages. That way all potential responders to your query can provide you with suggestions/options that you can consider.

    In response to your query...

    1. I assume that you have or will fresh-install an OS (Win 10?) onto your "new" HDD.

    2. If that's the case, as a practical matter the new HDD will become your boot drive. You will need to manually copy/move the files you want from the "old" HDD to the new HDD. You haven't indicated how you intend to use the "old" HDD; I suppose you'll use it as a storage drive. If so, after you've transferred the files from that drive to the new one you can go ahead and delete/format the "old" HDD.

    3. If the "old" HDD contained the OS you wanted on the "new" HDD then the situation would be different. In that case you could clone the total contents of the old HDD (which, of course, would include the OS) to the new HDD using a disk-cloning program.
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