How much of a upgrade will this be?

My mum has Coolpad Porto S phone. It's really slow. Will be Xiaomi 5A a good upgrade? Websites, Facebook and overall phone lags. She won't multitask like crazy... She just want to have opened Chrome, Facebook, Contacts at once without lags.

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    based on the specifications it should be about 40% faster on the processor. But it also has more memory which could help with chrome and facebook as they do tend to use quite a bit of system memory. (The coolpad has 1GB ram vs the Xiaomi 5A with 2GB or 3GB (16GB/32GB models))). So the increase in system memory, storage, and a faster processor should help. I don't know much about the slower GPU's used in these phones so it could be or might not be an upgrade for the intended use case. (GPU rendering of web content for facebook and chrome along with the phone GUI).

    In short Yes this will probably be a considerable upgrade compared to the old phone
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