Looking for a low budget GPU

I need a GPU that can run PUBG at above 30fps. I know my build isn't the best for this but I'll take any suggestions. Also it would be best if the price was kept under 150 AUD


CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 3.5Ghz

RAM: 8gb 2133mhz DDR4 (Dual channel 4gb)

Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VD

PSU: Corsair VS350 (350w PSU with 1 PCIe 6/8 pin connector)

Case: Deepcool Tesseract SW

Also I'll only use this for about 2 years so an old GPU is fine.

Thanks :)
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    If Google is correct, 150 AUD is about $118 USD. That would put you in the GT 1030 class. Or the RX-550 if you can find one on sale. The GTX 750 Ti would be on a par with the newer GT 1030 and may be found cheaper used. Gfx card prices are crazy right now.
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