Looking for a case, motherboard and CPU cooler for my current hardware.

Hey looking for some help on some components I need with my current hardware.
I don't know anything about sockets Cases and Connectors sorry for being lazy and asking you :=D
I need a case, motherboard and CPU cooler budget from 100-150 euro if worth it 200.

I have a Xeon E3-1270v2 base 3.5 ghz max 3.9 ghz.
20GB of Ram (DDR3) three 4GB and one 8GB stick
a GTX 770 graphics card 2GB
2x 1TB HDD
and a beQuiet Power Supply 530W Model :BQT L7-530W

Goal is to get the best out of this hardware with maybe some light overclocking and a good CPU cooler.

TY in Advance.
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  1. Make and model of your Motherboard? Where are you located and where would you prefer to purchase the products from(preferred site)? I noticed from your listed hardware, that you're mixing and matching ram sticks...that's very bad practice. You should have the same ram in every slot, rather a kit ram to help keep a stable and reliable system. Often times troubleshooting an unstable system leads to dropping the mismatched stick of ram.
  2. Do you use a standard ATX form format motherboard? How high is your cpu cooler? What is your budget? Do you want any glass side panels or fancy stuff?
    Look for a BitFenix Nova or a Fractal Design Focus G or Corsair Carbide Series 100R !
    And for a glass side panel Thermaltake Core G21 ;)
  3. Hello so these components are from an HP Z220 Workstation here is the link if you want to check it out https://www.ebay.de/itm/263473047730?ViewItem=&item=263473047730 . For the motherboard I just know it's a LGA1155 socket the graphics card is from another system where I couldn't boot Windows anymore so my idea was to take the GTX 770 and put it in the workstation yeah that was not smart the Power Supply is 400W with one 6 Pin connectors and the motherboard is not compatible with my power supply from the other system. So long story short don't want to use this motherboard at all :´) for the ram I just took one 4GB stick out and replaced it with a 8GB from the other system but if you say that's a bad idea I just put the other 4gb back in and stick with 16 GB RAM. I am located in Germany. I would prefer eBay(only with guarantee and legit looking) amazon or other sites that ship in Germany. TY for your response
  4. Budget around 100-200euro, 123usd - 246usd . I don't know how high my current CPU cooler is but it looks very old like a standard one that comes with the CPU itself wouldn't use that one.
    You can just name me the hardware or send US links no need to look something for me in euro currency. ty :)
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