1070ti overclocked (2025mhz) enough to run well with a 1440p 144hz gsync monitor or should i get a 1080p 144hz gsync monitor

im trying to decide between the two monitors in the title, im gonna be playing alot of different games either upcoming or ones already out so its hard to make a list to give an idea of what sort i'd be playing since they would all be varying and to be honest i haven't found alot yet but wanting to make the right choice so i can play whatever games i decide to play, my standard list at the moment would be overwatch, LoL even some bioshock etc (yes the first two are very generic :P) which would play fine on either of these but i want to also dip into some more demanding games and some AAA games and would like to know the best choice, pros, cons etc, some insight on what my possible fps on each monitor etc would be greatly appreciated aswell which i know would be dependant on the game but any insight would be great

thanks in advanced :)
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  1. i'm using a 1440p 144hz screen with a 970 and it's fine, that's the point of gsync. The real question is, is your desk big enough for 27" 1440p
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    i'm using a 1440p 144hz screen with a 970 and it's fine, that's the point of gsync. The real question is, is your desk big enough for 27" 1440p

    yeah with the point of gsync i was meaning in the question would i be able to run games at a decent fps well to make the 1440p worth it, or would i be better off getting a 1080p and run games at a higher framerate, sucks because i play competitive game where a higher frame rate is better (which thinking about it now i'd probs still get a high enough fps with 1440p because the games arent really demanding) but i want to play other games where graphics are better like story games etc, but do you find 1440p with lower fps to be alot better for other graphically demanding games with it looking better? like does fps really matter as much for the trade off? sorry if that was all over the show hope you get what im trying to ask, thanks for the comment also and hopefully you can give me some insight :) and yup ill be getting a desk to fit the set up etc wanting to run a dual monitor set up so will be getting plenty of room
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    it's been a while since i've gamed (life gets in the way), But i've had perfectly decent frames with good settings on witcher3, the division, BF4 so fairly intensive games, and that's with a 970, which is around the level of a 1060. I'd expect a 1070ti to behave something like this in comparison to a 970.
  4. I happen to have a system with a GTX 1070 ti installed. Let me test Overwatch and see what it gets at 1440p.
  5. 1070ti will rock on 1440p/144hz gsync. Dooooo iiiiit!

    I recommend the Dell S2716DG if you’re in the States. Best bang for the buck!
  6. It gets around 120fps maxed out in Overwatch at 1440p and mine's not even overclocked by the way.
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