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I'm using a pair of Logitech G230 headphones and motherboard audio.
I was wondering wether the FiiO E10K would add to the experience in any way.
I also plan to upgrade my headphones when necessary, maybe the G433s.
Mobo: Asus Z370F.
Any help is much appreciated.
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    Using a DAC would only be useful in using speakers i have krk rookit 8's and i get a very bad interference noise when i use the motherboard audio simply because the mini jack cable picks up alot of power/signals and that causes interference, i also use headphones that plug straight into my motherboard also and they never get interference, i have now upgraded to a scarlet 2i2 DAC and the audio quality in the speakers are a lot better and no longer have interference and the headphones just seem to be the same quality, so my conclusion if you use studio monitor speakers get a DAC if just headphones there is no real point in upgrading to a DAC.
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