Games keep on crashing and i dont know what to do

I recently bought a PC in the Philippines and i brought it with me to the UK. I have installed the graphics card and it is an Rx 570 red devil and installed its drivers. Whenever i play recent titles like rainbow six siege, my PC allows me to play the game for like 5 minutes before the game crashes. It pops up with no error message and I don't know what to do to fix it. I have removed and put in the pcie connectors several times and it still doesn't work properly. I have also installed and re installed the amd drivers and i cant find a solution. This problem is only for a few games but GTA5 and csgo play fine. My GPU also makes a weird buzzing sound which also transfers to the speakers of my monitor. Can anyone please help me
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  1. just off the top of my head I would say the PSU is causing you problems
  2. what can i do to the psu to fix this?
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    buy a new one get a good quality 500w or more because it needs it for the rx570 to work
    PSU Tier list tier 1-2 are good for gaming
    I would recommend an EVGA SuperNova Gold G2 / or new G3 /GS / GQ, Platinum P2 / PS, or Titanium T2 or a Seasonic M12-II Evo or S12-II
    GOOD PSU EVGA is a B2, G2, G3, P2, GS, PS, or T2. Avoid the EVGA B1 and G1 series/ I bought a EVGA G3 with 7year garentee
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