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So I overclocked my amdfx6300 to 4.1gig and I was playing hunt showdown and it froze. Restarted the computer now it is stuck in a reboot loop and windows will not load. I swapped hard drives with another os windows 7 and does the same thing. Except with that hard drive I can see a blue screen which says rebooting to not cause damage or something. Did I fry my cpu? What’s the problem? Please help
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  1. hammer the del key go to system and restore defaults the overclock is not stable
  2. Need to know ALL of your computer parts as far as. GPU/MOBO/PSU/RAM and you should be able to reset oc to default speed by resetting the jumper on your mobo.

    If you reset by CMOS. POWER OFF, UNPLUG POWER CABLE. Then refer to diagram. You should have a small jumper that fits over 1 and 2 of the 3 prongs. Remove and wait 5 secs. Place on 2 and 3 prong, and wait 15 seconds. Then remove and place back on 1 and 2 prong. Power cable in. Power button back on. Turn on system and you should be able to get back into BIOS.

  3. I have bios on default it still does it
  4. Specs are mb-ga970ud3p ddr3 rAm 970gtx video card and a beast power supply can’t remember that one
  5. take the bios battery out for a minute then replace it
  6. Still doing it after I took battery out for a min :(
  7. Think I fried the cpu?
  8. bytron2007 said:
    Still doing it after I took battery out for a min :(

    Try pressing F8 and see if you can boot into safe mode at least. If you have your windows CD or USB installer, go ahead try to use a Repair Tool to fix the boot problem. I do not think you fried your CPU.
  9. Only thing is I don’t have a cd rom drive and I can’t boot into safe mode with windows 10
  10. Could it be the ram doing it?
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    bytron2007 said:
    Could it be the ram doing it?

    With my experience with bad ram you usually just get straight freezing, not reboot loops. Anything is possible though. You can try one stick at a time for booting and see what happens.
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