AMD Overdrive is my CPU overclocked?

Hi, I was overclocking this CPU long time ago, today when I installed AMD Overdrive I realised that it shows current CPU speed 3.8 GHz instead of 3.5 GHz

Is the CPU overclocked? If yes, how to set it to back default, because in BIOS everything seems fine and the CPU Frequency is at 3.5 GHz with settings set to auto.
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  1. Can someone help? Please.
  2. Download CPUZ and see what that says.
  3. refresh
  4. It looks like its at 3.8GHz if you want it stock just load the defaults in the bios
  5. I've done this already from BIOS, also I took out my CMOS battery and placed it back in. It still shows that the CPU is at 3.8 GHz with settings set do AUTO
  6. There's obviously some background load & it's hitting it's multicore Boost speed which is 3.8ghz.

    I don't really see an issue , if you want it max 3500mhz then just disable turbo core in bios.
  7. SO is it overclocked?
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    No it looks like it's running turbo clocks which is normal.
  9. Thanks!
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