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there is a difference between the reservoir of 100 ml vs 400 ml to cooling the gpu and the cpu with a radiator of 360mm ?

or capacity does not matter ?
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  1. The reservoir's main function is simply providing a place for bubbles to accummulate as they get unstuck from other places around the loop. Larger reservoirs are mainly for visual effect when using color-changing fluids/additives and making the initial flush quicker/easier as more fluid can be added at a time while priming an empty loop.
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    Reservoirs do not offer any cooling functionality as almost all are plexi, acrylic or plastic based, so that 100ml vs 400ml is only just gaining you a longer warm up time to working equilibrium and excess coolant storage.

    You actually can run a loop without a reservoir at all, I've done it.
  3. all right , thank you
  4. Most OEM systems , and All In Ones don't even have them.
  5. william p said:
    Most OEM systems , and All In Ones don't even have them.

    Which can be somewhat of a problem since you have no way to see if you have flow, slow leak/permeation or low fluid level issue.
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