Completing my first build

Hello everyone,

Just received my 8700k and planning on building my setup. This is my first build and was hoping to get some answers on a couple inquiries. Your help is much appreciated. I searched the forum for some insight and wanted to get your thoughts.

I'm thinking of deliding the 8700k - bought Kryonaut and was wondering if I should do that prior to installing. Don't want to have to reapply twice (have 11g)

I wanted to know if I should remove the stock thermal paste on the 360 AIO and apply the Kryonaut for better conductivity.

Also if I should do the same for the 1080ti to get better boost and lower temps. Would Kryonaut work or Conductonaut be better?

My case has the ability to side mount the rad. I will be doing three 140mm fans on top, 3 120 fans in front and 1 140 fan back of case. Would that be the ideal set up for best airflow or should I place the 360 rad somewhere specific? (I will be doing vertical GPU mount)

Here is my setup:

Intel 8700k
AsRock Taichi z370
Corsair Dominator Plat 3333hz 16gb
Thermaltake View 71 RGB
Thermaltake 360 AIO RGB
Thermaltake 850w Tough Power RGB
ZOTAC 1080ti Amp
Samsung 950 pro 512gb SSD
Seagate 3TB HDD
4x140mm, 6x120mm RGB fans

Any insight would be really appreciated thanks in advance!
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  1. I would not recommend delidding a new processor. It will absolutely void the warranty.

    Plus the befits to delidding are relatively small. You will not be able to notice the difference afterwards (the MHz numbers may go up slightly during an overclock).
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    I'd get everything up and running first. Then do extended overnight torture tests on the CPU and GPU. So you are dead-bang certain both are in absolute 100% perfect working order before you take them apart and hose your warranties. Perhaps just check their temps with your overclocks during the tests. To see if you would be needlessly wasting time and risking your parts. By delidding the CPU and removing the GPU heatsink.

    If you are going for the best thermal performance. Of course Conductonaut is the better option. It is just riskier. Due to its conductivity.,4970.html

    Unless you are doing competition overclocking or wealthy. I couldn't imagine risking over $1,000 in components for a few degrees of temperature drop or for kicks and giggles.
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