How can I improve my PC?

I want to know whether I should try overclocking, or if there’s something I can improve that would greatly increase performance. I’ve got as follows:
Asus Z270-AR Mobo
Intel i7 7700k
Coolermaster hyper 212 led dual fan
Corsair dominator platinum 16gb x 2
EVGA geforce GTX 1060
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    You can OC (why not?) but there isnt anything thats going to drastically improve performance short of a very large investment in the GPU department.
    I dont see an SSD listed, thats usually a solid choice.
  2. New monitor? Keyboard/mouse? Desk with comfy chair? If you are gaming at 1080 60Hz, then you are pretty much set. You need to work on the extra stuff now.
  3. ^You're pretty much at what we call a good setup...
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