i5-8600k and H100i v2 Overclock

Hey there, it was my birthday a few days ago and I now have new parts which are an Intel i5-8600k and a Corsair H100i v2 Cooler. I would like to know what I could overclock my cpu to safely with this cooler. (I do not want to go overboard!) Thank You.
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    Hi maxfenlon :)

    Although it depends on the CPU sample (Silicon Lottery) you should be able to safely run at 5.0GHz with the correct Bios changes.
    The i5-8600k has bclk at 3.6GHz and Turbo boosts to 4.3GHz. Best is to have turbo boost disabled and have a fixed frequency. Start your OC at 4.3GHz when baseline is established.

    First it's best to stress test the system at stock frequency to determine a baseline for OCing. If stable at stock then OC.
    Download AIDA64 and HWInfo64 and put them on your desktop together.

    In AIDA64 run stress test with CPU,FPU and Cache boxes ticked.
    Run the test for 10mins and take screenies at the 10min mark. post the results here for analysis.

    The analysis will determine what core voltage to recommend and a need to look at your rail voltages and temperatures under load.
    Don't try to jump to 5.0GHz in one hit. Its best to do it in 200MHz jumps and stress test to see how your temperatures and voltages are holding up.
    Any problems, just ask.
    BTW; Please list your Motherboard.?
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