Unsure which internet provider to choose

Currently have CenturyLink, and super tired of their BS. Paying for 10 mbps, getting 200-500 kbps. Here are the providers that we can get.

Fixed Wireless:
Hoosier Broadband ($100 for 1.5 down - 0.6 mbps up)
Wi-Power ($80 for 10 mbps down - 2 mbps up)
Watch Communications
Sotac ($90 for 4 mbps down - 2 mbps up)
BridgeMaxx ($85 for 10 mbps down - 2 mbps up)
Satellite Providers:
HughesNet ($50 for 25 mbps down - 3 mbps up, with 10GB data cap before slow down)
Viasat/Exede ($50 for 12 mbps down, - - up (unsure why nothing’s listed for upload, unlimited data cap)
BridgeMaxx (maybe, one of my neighbors has it. Unknown speeds)

We are currently looking at a local provider, TLC Broadband. However my step father has his reservations with this guy, as his friend has his internet, and it was slow for a long time because the guy refused to install a new tower because of the cold (if I remember correctly). So it’s just general suspicion. The plan we were looking at is $45 for 2 mbps down, 0.5 mbps up (speeds can be boosted naturally).
While speeds seem good with satellite, it’s not ideal for what we need. Gaming, video streaming (not really strict with high quality, I just want to watch them without it buffering every few minutes), and online work. If anyone has experience with these fixed wireless providers, that would be great. Or just advice for who we should choose, any help is appreciated.
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  1. Satellite server would be bad for gaming and VPN connections to a work environment. So I would NOT get that.

    Wi-Power or BridgeMax? I feel sorry for you for those speeds and prices.

    I pay $80 for like 900mbps down and 950mbps up.
  2. If you look at Hoosier broadband, they have a 1 star rating and an F from the BBB. It may just be from people complaining about reliability that expect too much but seems pretty bad.

    All you have is wireless service in your area, no Cable, DSL, Fiber? Pretty much anything like that will be not very good. Can you get cell phone data plans in your area? Although you would have some issues with streaming due to data caps on most plans.
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