Looking to buy a new laptop on next 3 months

Hello all,

I've finally decided to buy a laptop which would "Once and For All" satisfy my needs.

Here are my requirements:
1. I will be programming a lot. So performance is a big factor
2. I travel twice a month, so size matters ;) 14 inch seems the best option as I've been using one for quite a while. Not very thick is a big plus. I know the slimmer they get, higher the cost
3. Good screen quality. I would want the colors to look better if not the best.
4. Good battery life. This is one reason I would NOT want 4K
5. A decent keyboard. I don't want the built-in keyboard to have bad keys that break apart or ruin the typing experience. As in point 1, I will be programming a lot
6. I will be watching HD movies and YouTube on it. As for gaming, DoTa and PUBG are the only ones I'll be playing, if playing anything at all. I do not want realistic graphics. If I can get lag free 60fps, even if it would require turning down a few settings, I'm happy :)
7. Portable charging option. I'm out in the woods. How do I charge it? Portable power bank for laptop? I'm clueless to how this problem can be solved.
8. Heating. Please, and oh please, don't turn off while I game on it. I'm willing to reduce to lowest graphics to reduce heat.

Areas I can compromise on:
1. Speakers. I'll be travelling so headphones are the way to go
2. Port selection. I need 2 USBs, Type C and headphones jack. I don't mind adding dongles for extras.
3. Backlit keyboard. I would love it, but if the difference is just this between 2, I can let go of this
4. Webcam. I don't need on, I have an external USB webcam.

My budget is around 2000 dollars, mostly below as going above would need a lot of planning.

India availability is a big plus!!

I'm getting this in 2 months from now.

I don't want the latest of them all, or the oldest of them all :)

MacBooks? Well, if theres no other option, with sacrifice to gaming, I will go for it

Dell and Lenovo are preferred. I've had bad experience with HP in the past.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you :)

I hope there is something out there for my needs.
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